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About Me

Vasi Khajooei - Licensed Esthetician in Roswell, GA

I am Vasimeh, but others know me as Vasi.

I have been in the beauty and health industry for over 10 years, and I hold a dual license as both an esthetician and a nail technician. After gaining years of skin care and waxing experience at a luxury spa in the Alpharetta area, I decided to open up my own studio in the heart of Roswell.

I specialize in facials, peels, full-body waxing, body treatments, and microdermabrasion all tailored to fit individual clients’ needs. All treatments incorporate organic, natural products from Éminence meant to make you look and feel your best. I pride myself in using targeted treatments and enhancements that are right for you and your specific skin type.

While your skin’s health and beauty are my focus, your personal well-being forms an important part of my esthetics philosophy. Your spa day should not only relax you and improve your skin; it should be an experience where your skin concerns become mine. You should feel comfortable during your time with me and know that my expertise and training will inform everything I do. Finally, I want you to enjoy the care and comfort I’ll bring to your session. 

One of my many passions centers on learning. Each day, I stay up to date with the latest techniques, products, and trends that are beneficial to you, my clients, and to my personal expertise. As a goal, I want to help others love the skin they are in!

A phrase I live by is “it’s all about you”. Taking care of yourself is the pathway to fulfillment and to high performance in both work and in life. When your needs are met and you feel good about yourself, it's easier to elevate the needs of other people in front of your own.


It’s time to prioritize YOU.

Skin Care Treatment
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